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                                                                           Prof . Lesani's
 World Martial Arts Collage

















This is your opportunity of a life

   time to learn directly from 

 Prof.  Javad Lesani

   founder of European Martial Art

    Euro Fight  &  KUNC.FU.CROP

 Gain power and speed   

Educate your mind and spirit ,

  and get your  Black Belt Degree


 After years of teaching in Asia and 20 years in Europe and 8 years in U.S .A , now Prof.Javad Lesani   brings 50 years of experience to Yerevan - Armenia  to introduce his style around the world .

Professor Lesani , funded The World Martial Arts College that is one of the more prestigious and challenging in the world . This college is dedicating to educate the most powerful Instructors , Masters and Champions in the art of  Euro Fight & Kung . Fu . Crop

Prof. Javad Lesani . Is known Worldwide , with Fifty years of  experience :

     10 th Degree Black Belt .

     President of the World Martial Arts Federation .

     Founder of Martial Art :          EURO FIGHT

     President of European Euro Fight Organization .

     Founder of Martial Art :       KUNG . FU . CROP

    President of the World Kung .Fu. Crop Organization.

     Founder of Persian Superior Masters Committee .  

     Expert in Physical Education Professional .

     Expert in Self Defense Professional .

     Chief Instructor of Commandos of Army & Police .

     Expert in Security & Protection .

Prof . JAVAD LESANI , has taught in different countries , created     Instructors ,  Masters and Champions of Martial Arts and  also has set various World Record in Physical Education .

 He used his unique skills with military , training commandos for the Army and special forces for Police .

 for his incredible results , the media in various countries has critiqued him .

Some of the newspapers critique  in brief :


  IRAN Army Magazine , 1978 :

  A celebration of final commando courses , Army  commandos who have trained under    the supervision of Chief Instructor Javad Lesani demonstrated skill and precision  in commando training for the armed forces  , The commanding General made presentation of Diplomas .Every tree months a new course of commando training is establish for the more qualified members of different division of Army .

More than eight hours daily of hard training is required for these courses .the end is to have a high level of preparation both physically and mentally .They must pass an very hard examination to cover the special requirement that are necessary to join these courses .The army needs powerful commandos who are able to conduct special missions when it is necessary for the defense of country .


 Pakistan's Newspaper " Jang " ( 1980 )  :

There is a new style of Martial Arts known as KUNG .FU .CROP , becoming very  popular among the youth of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawal pindi .we are going to see and interview the founder of this style Grand Master Javad Lesani , the  man who is changing significance and Ideas regarding Martial Arts in our country .


Iran Sport Magazine , England ( 1985 )  :

 Professor Lesani , is returning from Hong kung and china in1979 , and has found his own  style of Martial Arts :  KUNG.FU.CROP .

He is fighting to demonstrate to the world that martial arts are not exclusive of  China , Korea or Japan ,and he has proved it without doubt .  He has quickly become popular in the hearts of all people that are interested in Martial Arts , his fame is rapidly growing and has already surpassed our borders to other part of the world .


 EUROPEAN  " Fitness Magazine ( 1989 )   :

On March 10th , the championship of Physical Education was celebrate . Last years champions have trained steadily to prepare themselves for today .They were brilliant and well equipped team . Presented by Lesani's European Center , they occupied first place and become champions .They trained under the leadership of Grand Master Javad Lesani and his style of teaching make it possible for them to maintain their championship standing .


Spain  " Martial Arts Magazine ( 1990 ) :

 The experience of Grand Master Lesani as an expert of  Military and Chief Instructor of Commandos of Army and Special Police Forces , must be the reason that his view of thinking and his way of teaching will be different with other masters and that makes KUNG.FU.CROP more real . He is making true fighters , not only for championship also for real life and it helps to be able to standup to any form of attack and defend oneself in any life - threatening situation .


European " Professional Sport Magazine ( 1992 ) :

 ( We saw this championship with our eyes and we still can NOT  believe it )

The powerful demonstration of  KUNG . FU . CROP in  Prof.Lesani's European Center will be recorded forever in the mind of all professionals and spectators who observe this championship .We saw an incredible demonstration of power and resistance that we had seen up to now ONLY in Roman gladiator movies ,This is unbelievable.


 Spanish Physical Education Magazine ( 1994 ) :

The team presented by Prof.Lesani's European Center for championship has produced an emotion that is overwhelming . The students of  Prof . Lesani set 3 new world records in the Children , Adult in Mans  and Women's classification .

 The applause and tears of joy by participants and parents was exciting to see .but Prof . Lesani wants to further demonstration the power and resistance of his students after the championship ended . He ordered his champions to do an extra demonstration for the media , what was astonishing .

How is possible that one 9 years old girl could do 1500 stomach crunches without stopping ?How can a 13 years old girl do 2370 stomach crunches without a break ? and finally an 18  years old boy makes history by doing 3000 stomach crunches without stopping ? and all after performing  in Physical Education Championship where their bodies  have already been pushed to its limits ?  Everyone present agreed that leadership of Prof . Lesani make it possible that today these bodies are the perfect machines that  are able to withstand such vigorous resistance .


 European Martial Arts Magazine ( 1995 )  :

The  grand capacity of Black Belts of  KUNG . FU . CROP , in Physical Education , and resistance and Martial Arts sparring  awes professionals and lovers of martial arts .This champions has been trained by Grand Master Prof . J . Lesani , Founder of  KUNG.FU.CROP .Crop and Euro Fight . He is also the highest Degree of Martial Arts in Europe


 Spanish Magazine " Tiempo " ( 1997 )  :

Professor . Javad Lesani , 10 Degree Black Belt and the Founder of European Martial Arts Euro Fight & KUNG.FU.CROP ,he     enjoys worldwide recognition and is teaching in Barcelona .He is introducing his style with power and grand exit around the world .He had opened his World Headquarter in the U . S . A . in 1997  and supervise thousands of students and lovers of his style who are training in different countries from his headquarters in United State .


 Self Defense Magazine  ,    ( 1998  )    :

 This Magazine is proud to inform you that we have invited   Prof . Javad Lesani ,  10th     Degree Black Belt and Founder of  KUNG . FU . CROP , to teach his techniques of Self Defense  in our magazine ,

He is an expert and highest degree of  Martial Arts in European countries .   this lessons will be publish every month and we are sure  that it will be very useful for every body , including Masters and Instructors and all people who are interested in knowing how to defend them self , not only in our country  ,

but also in all other  Hispanic countries where this magazine is distributed . Now every one have a chance and opportunity to enjoy these lessons and learn from the best in Martial Arts .


















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