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                                We Prof . Lesani . Office , are located in Spain.

                         Contact :        Email :

                         whatsapp :    +34622884976

                         We are Broker & Consulting office and directly connected with the more important Refinery Sellers in the world.                          

                         We facilitate the Supply and Sales of the Oil and Gas Products to end Buyers and Consumers ,

                         We are company well experienced with the great contacts worldwide in the supply Petroleum Products :

                         Diesel EN590 , LCO , JP54 , D2 , D6 AND connecting Reputable Sellers and Buyers around the world.

                         We engage in international marketing of Crude and also all Refined Petroleum Products WORLDWIDE.

                         we always supply Petroleum and Petrochemical Products to Buyers with the best quality and the best rate available

                         in the market for our customers . Buyers satisfaction is our goal.

                         Thereby having the Enquires and your contact information Regarding Petroleum Product , our SCO are available

                         for review , Sellers Procedures are Standard for Resellers , and Major Buyers.

                         As well our list of Products Origen include :  U . S . A , Kazakhstan , Azerbaijan , Dubai , Rotterdam , Indonesia and more.

                         We are pleased to inform you that we are specializes in providing products with highly competitive prices.

                      CIF TRANSACTION PROCEDURE


                  1. Buyer issues Purchase Order upon receipt in acceptance of seller's Soft Offer.
                  2. Seller issues Draft Sales and Purchase Agreement Contract for buyer's review and signing.
                  3. Seller send’s partial POP to Buyer via email:

                      (a) Company Registration Certificate and Product Quality Passport (DTA).

                      (b) Statement of Availability of Product.
                      (c) Refinery Commitment to Produce/Supply.
                      (d) Refinery Product Passport , Legalized Contract and Performa Invoice.
                      (e) Certificate of Origin
                  4. Seller appoints and signs charter Party Agreement with the buyer and the shipping Company. Buyer 
                      and Seller pay to the shipping company for transporting of the product to buyer’s final discharge port.
                  5. Seller swift the full POP and 2% Performance Bond to buyer’s bank. Buyer’s Bank swift in return, the
                      Irrevocable Non Transferable Documentary Letter of Credit to the Seller’s Bank.
                  6. Shipment commences as scheduled in the contract and upon arrival of the cargo at the discharge port
                      and  after SGS/Q&Q or Equivalent inspection immediately Buyer’s Bank releases the Total value of the 
                      shipping to Seller’s Bank within 48hours (two banking days) By MT103.
                  7. Buyer / Seller pays all intermediaries involved in transaction as per IMFPA within 24 hours.




               1. Buyer issues ICPO, company Registration certificate, and data page of buyer’s passport
               2. Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI) for buyer’s endorsement, alongside with passport .product            
                   (Quality Certificate)    
               3. Buyer signs and returns the CI to Seller
               4. The seller issues the readiness to inject and UDTA with ATV, ASTC to buyer and buyer pays 
               5. The buyer contacts the seller tank Administrator to execute the Quality and Quantity
                    register fee in the tank farm Terminal prior to inspection.
                   (Deductible from the total cost of the product)
               6. Upon the successful Dip Test Inspection in the Seller’s tank, the buyer submits NOR from his
                   shipping  Company and Seller injects the product into the buyer’s vessel.
               7. The Seller releases the complete POP documents to the Buyer, including the following documents *
                   Resource Confirmation Letter (issued by the end-refinery)
               8. The buyer issues 100% payment for the total product by MT103/TT Telegraphic Transfer to the Seller.
               9. The Seller transfers the product title with the complete POP Documents to the buyer and pays the
                   commission to his seller’s side intermediaries as per Master Fee Agreement and Buyer pays also directly.

                                                 The exact price for CIF or FOB will be announced on the day of receiving the official LOI.

                                                 1 - SELLER issue FCO.

                                                      BUYER confirms the offer by Signing and Stamping.

                                                      BUYER issue ICPO with the full Banking information, with CIS and Documents.

                                                      a ) Copy of Passport of the person authorized to Sing the Contract..

                                                      b ) Profile of the Buyer s legal entity ( Certificate of Incorporation )

                                                      c ) Postal details.

                                                      d ) Bank details .

                                                      e ) Official acceptance letter ( Seller s Procedure , if FCO in not signed and stamped by the buyer. .

                                                      f ) Product Specification ( if any )

                                                2 - The Seller acknowledge the buyer s ICPO and issues the contract to the buyer open for amendment .

                                                     The buyer Sign and return s the contract to the Seller in World format within 5 working days.

                                                3 - Seller makes the final signature , RETURN the contract in PDF format the buyer , along with the

                                                     COMMERCIAL INVOICE WITH THE NET PRODUCT VALUE to establish the SBLC.

                                                4 - Buyer within five working days ( 5 days ) shall issue out SBLC/MT760 to the Seller s fiducially beneficiary

                                                     company account of the total first month shipment with validity of one year .

                                                5 - if the buyer bank fails to issue the banking instrument within the agreed period as per procedure 4 ,

                                                       the buyer must request an invoice from the seller . Accordingly , the seller will issue an invoice for tter .

                                                      10% value of the first month shipment to facilitate the initial shipment in order to void any delay during the

                                                      contract period . subsequently , the buyer shall establish the banking instrument for the following month s shipment.

                                                 6 - the seller upon the receipt and confirmation of the payment guarantee by SBLC or the Allocation Security fees

                                                      according to financial Binding and application letter in the contract .

                                                      a ) Company registration.

                                                      b ) Specification .

                                                      c ) Commitment Letter .

                                                 7 - Within 5 to 25 working days m Seller completes all the accompanying documents and as the shipment commences

                                                      the Seller forward to Buyer the full Proof of Product . ( POP )

                                                      a ) Certificate of Origen.

                                                      b ) Fresh Inter tak/CIQ Report at the loading Port .

                                                      c ) Q88 and Quality Specification.

                                                      d ) Bill of Lading .

                                                      e ) ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival .

                                                      f ) ATV - Authorization to Verify .

                                                      g ) ATB - Authorization to on Board .

                                                      h ) DTA - Dip Test Authorization .

If you are interested to consult or Purchasing any Oil or petrochemical product , please contact us:

we always strive to provide the best rate for our customers.


                                                       Crude Oil is worldwide commodity that trades an global markets as both spot oil and through derivatives contacts

                                            because crude oil is currently the primary need of the markets.       

                                            It is necessary because the market demands more short - chain hydrocarbons ( Gasoline - Diesel light heating oil )

                                            that crude oil contains . 

                                                       Crude Oil will be an an dispensable raw material for years to come - mainly for the chemical industry , since it is

                                            tan Precious to be consumed for heating or as fuel  . 

                                           Crude Oil is predominantly a mixture of straight and branched chain aliphatic hydrocarbons, ranging from

                                           gaseous methods to vis coaster - like compounds with up to 50 carbons.

                                           Crude Oil Production is defined the quantities of oil extracted from the ground after removal of inert impurities.